"Black technology" experience into a new bright spot

Date:2017年4月25日 14:20

(Reporter Chen Xuequan) no car models, all kinds of technology experience equipment has become a new exhibition booth to attract popular new style. Yesterday, the Shanghai auto show ushered in the first general public day, VR experience, automatic driving, wing flight and other experience projects popular, the audience zero distance exposure to the forefront of the automobile and related industry technology.

In addition to the new generation of ix35 and the new Sonata two new products, Beijing Hyundai set up a cutting-edge technology display area, focused on modern cars in the new energy and unmanned areas of scientific and technological achievements. Many of the audience wearing VR glasses to experience the feeling of automatic driving vehicles, modern lightweight electric scooters and 3 can wear robots also debut, very future sense of the future.

In Nissan's car experience area, the chair called ProPILOT can follow the team automatically move, the use of artificial intelligence to solve the inconvenience of queuing. "This is actually an automatic driving, the chair can identify the front seat, automatically follow and keep a fixed distance, along the set path to move." The staff said. Wing flight equipment is more exciting and interesting, wearing a virtual reality equipment, the audience immersive experience of flying feeling. In Ford, Infiniti, Volkswagen and other car prices exhibition, a wide range of VR equipment also attracted the audience queuing experience.

In addition to the sense of science and technology, many booths also contain a strong cultural taste. Hao Lok's lion new energy booth invited illustrator Luo Ling in the scene of the ten meters picture painting. Lush green mountains, lush trees, blue as wash the blue sky, a car in the picture gallop ride. Toyota car in the fast-paced car show to create a slow pace of repairer to review the exhibition area.

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