Scientific and Technological Innovation Activates Social Innovation

Date:2017年4月25日 14:21

Not too much of the printing, recently, Longhua District, "social innovation experimental park" governance project low-key stationed in the Fairview Science Park.

It is located in the beautiful high-end industrial science and technology park which is developed by Shenzhen and Longhua District. It is mainly engaged in high-end science and technology innovation industry such as intelligent technology, large data and bioengineering, and its employees have more High degree of education and scientific and technological innovation capacity, the current park staff has more than 2,000 people.

For the industrial area Longhua, the industrial park is an economic development, social construction, an indispensable element. Gathered a lot of human resources, innovative resources and management resources of the industrial park, is undoubtedly the new force of social construction innovation. However, all along, whether it is social construction or grass-roots governance, industrial park basically free from the two outside the field of vision.

"To the project as a platform to break the barriers between the park and the community to achieve the park resources and grassroots social construction, community governance needs docking, and scientific and technological innovation and social construction of the integration of science and technology to light the social construction and grassroots governance, At the same time to social construction of the way to serve the enterprise, the park's development ", which is the project leader, Lake View Department of Social Affairs Branch aimed at the original intention of the Fairview Park.

Park enterprises are free from community governance

President Wang Jianping, head of the Social Affairs Section of the Lake View, who has presided over the project "Social Innovation Experimental Park", has been working in the dry trade union and served as full-time vice chairman of the street trade union.

The streets did not split before the big Guanlan era, Guanlan gathered Fuji Xerox, Canon precision and a number of internationally renowned enterprises. And these enterprises for many years in-depth contact, so that Wang Jianping fully aware of the enterprise in innovation, management and other aspects of the powerful.

"Outstanding enterprises are often in the cultural construction, staff management, system design, and many other aspects, has accumulated a very good experience," Wang Jianping to mention the tone of the Fuji Xerox salary system design, "staff wages regularly floating, when floating , The size of the floating space, with reference to the basis of a set of design, and very scientific.

In March 2015, before the third visit, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions collective contract minister Zhang Jianguo special rate research group came to Guanlan Fuji Xerox and Silver Star high-tech industrial park, respectively, the collective wage consultation system and the source of governance labor disputes Of the experience of the two innovative practices and practical results to fully affirmed.

When transferred from the position of the union to the head of the Social Affairs Section of the Lake View, Wang Jianping's work area has a very important content, that is, to promote grass-roots governance. But he soon found the problem.

View Lake Street area, the layout of many industrial parks, the most well-known is Guanlan High-tech Industrial Park and Fairview Science Park. The former operation for many years, many high-quality enterprises in Longhua District, such as Qi Jun pharmaceutical, Jie Pu special photoelectric, etc. are located in the park; and the latter is a rising star, the rapid development momentum, is the first Longhua District, "Innovation Industrial Park" "Longhua District students Pioneering Park "Longhua District Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, the National Youth Rainbow Project Shenzhen Youth Pioneering Park, technology transfer professional personnel training base, etc. are settled in this." Shenzhen City students (beautiful) Pioneering Park "

In a sense, the park is the carrier of business gathering, but also become a platform for talent gathering. However, in the grass-roots governance in full swing, the major parks are like "enclave" like the existence. Parks, between enterprises and communities, in the community management and management of the lack of interaction, gathered in the park a large number of talent, as well as migratory birds scattered, and the community did not intersect.

"Enterprise practitioners have a high degree of education and scientific and technological innovation, and the existing social construction work less concerned about such groups, the community did not participate in this group of people to build the appropriate platform, failed to effectively play the city high-end Talent to participate in the role of social construction ", Wang Jianping analysis.

"Economic and technological innovation and social innovation and the lack of collaborative development capacity, scientific and technological innovation talent to participate in social innovation," well versed in the advantages of Wang Jianping for this situation is deeply sorry for each other.

Illuminate social construction with the light of science and technology

How can we get through the park, the gap between business and community, so that the resources of enterprises, scientific and technological innovation and social construction, grass-roots governance two-way interaction, linkage win-

Wang Jianping efforts to find a combination between the two points. "Social Innovation Experimental Park" governance project is such a point.

Through the project settled in the way, to build a common platform for the park science and technology personnel, innovation and the original organizational resources can fall to the scientific and technological innovation to respond to social construction needs, activation of social innovation, which is Wang Jianping basic ideas.

At present, the rapid development of the Internet, large data, cloud computing and intelligent terminals has stimulated the transformation of production and life patterns and promoted wider and deeper social innovation. In the field of basic necessities, health care, education and other areas of the rapid rise of the shared economy, through the activation of nowhere to play idle skills and can not be realized idle resources to help people open up new sources of income. Through the network platform to promote high-quality medical resources "out of the city" "to the countryside", in the realization of quality medical resources and innovative achievements at the same time, earnest for patients to save medical expenses.

These technological innovations activate the social innovation of the fresh case, so that Wang Jianping was inspired.

Wang Jianping's consideration will include a series of sub-projects designed from the needs of community construction and governance, such as: "High-tech Social Innovation Application Competition", with economic innovation and technology, the introduction of "social innovation experimental park" governance project of Jinxiu Science Park Innovative energy to promote social innovation, to encourage the park scientific and technological personnel to use intelligent technology, large data, bio-engineering and other high-end technology to solve the social problems of Lake View, and incubation of a number of social innovation creative projects; Longhua District Foreign Language School students based on " Children's training camp "activities, landing in the beautiful park; view Lake Street is the implementation of the" park vibration - youth science base "project will also be located in Fairview Science Park.

"Not only to give the park, corporate public color, more importantly, the activation of the park, enterprises with their own innovative resources to serve the community awareness," Wang Jianping stressed that in the project as a medium to participate in the interaction, as the park, the enterprise side Will be a public nature of the brand communication platform, "This is a community participation is also a social participation, as well as corporate social responsibility to reflect the embodiment of corporate brand awareness and reputation to enhance.

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