High tech to create a miracle of rail transit

Date:2017年4月25日 14:21

China has completely independent intellectual property rights of the rail transit automatic operation system (referred to as "FAO", commonly known as unmanned driving) was born on the line;

China's more than 90% of the rail vehicle bogie structure on-line use of the reliability assessment by the school research team to complete;

With completely independent intellectual property rights CRTS Ⅲ type plate ballastless track to become the current domestic high-speed rail and "going out" mainly used standard plate type;

Has the first domestic to carry out new energy rail transit research team - the national energy active distribution network technology research and development center, assume and participate in 90% of the domestic rail traffic new energy power system research project ... ...

Beijing Jiaotong University, which is from the date of birth with the Chinese transport industry is closely linked to the university, in the 121 years of development, witness and participate in the railway 6 times as well as Daqin heavy rail, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, high-speed railway, city Rail transportation and a series of major projects, formed a series of completely independent intellectual property rights, in the international advanced level of major achievements, support the development of China's rail transit industry.

To create the flagship of rail traffic

The end of this year, with completely independent intellectual property rights of China's first fully automated operating system line - Beijing Metro Yanfang line will be officially opened trial operation, the technology from Beijing Jiaotong University independent research and development of the train-based train operation control system (CBTC ), Is a qualitative leap in urban rail transit control system technology, but also the future development direction of urban rail transit train operation control system.

December 30, 2010, Beijing Metro Yizhuang line, Changping line opened operations, marking China has completely independent intellectual property rights CBTC signal system demonstration project to be successful, China has become the world's core technology and the successful operation of the first Four countries.

This is a three generations of Beijing Jiaotong University teachers and students continued technical research made significant technological innovation. 6 years, CBTC system has seized the country's 1/3 of the new line market, but also the past six years, Beijing did not cause the event of the subway train operation control system. The system not only serves Beijing, the radiation national, also won the Vietnamese light rail project.

Aimed at the development of urban rail transit frontier problems, the school there is another team in silently doing the work of the leader. At present, the urban rail transit power supply as the driving force, by the wire "holding the nose to run", and the new energy rail traffic lithium battery energy storage system, the equivalent of the rail train "loaded power", so that it can be off-line off-line operation The

Beijing Jiaotong University, the national energy active distribution network technology research and development center independent research and development of new energy rail transit lithium battery energy storage system, equipped with the lithium battery energy storage system track train has been in Changchun, Guangzhou, Shenyang three tracks run for many years, And has moved to Austria, New Zealand and other places. Beijing Jiaotong University R & D Center Director Jiang Jiuchun introduction, the team has undertaken and participated in 90% of the domestic rail traffic new energy power system research projects, from light rail to subway, from locomotive vehicles to EMU, from auxiliary power supply to traction power supply Lithium battery system of technical achievements, made a number of international first.

Help China's high-speed rail takeoff

On June 3 last year, Professor Jia Limin of Beijing Jiaotong University, on the national "12th Five-Year" Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition, on behalf of the high-speed rail technology innovation team reported four sentences: "master the core key technology, we have no blind spot; Have the odds to support; national strategy, we are sure; lead innovation and development, we have confidence!

Jia Limin's team participated in the design of the top-level technical and technical framework of the core equipment system of China's high-speed trains, and established the R & D technical route of key systems such as high-speed trains, traction power supply, operation control, transportation organization, security and safety China's high-speed rail a series of technical indicators. It is in these top-level design and indicators under the guidance of China's research and development with independent intellectual property rights CRH380 series of high-speed trains.

China's high-speed rail construction is known as a miracle of China's economic development, of which Beijing Jiaotong University to play a disciplinary advantage, including high-speed train, including common basic technology, operation control technology, transportation organizations and many other key railway technology.

By the Beijing Jiaotong University President Ningbin hosted the "CTCS-3 level control system testing and evaluation platform and evaluation test" national science and technology support program major projects, carried out for the system assessment certification test technology research; formed a complete and credible test Case library and test specifications; completed the fault test technology research and system security test fault injection system development.

Beijing University of Transportation Professor Sun Shouguang and his team created a track vehicle structure reliability assessment technology system for China's rail vehicles to provide an important guarantee for safe operation. The research object covers all the high-speed EMU bogies and body structures developed by our country and more than 90% of the speed locomotives, buses, heavy trucks, urban rail vehicles bogies; Of the dynamic stress testing and fatigue assessment and hundreds of structural improvements, in order to ensure high-speed EMU, including the use of rail vehicles play a key role in the track vehicle structure reliability assessment system in the leading domestic, especially in the rail vehicle load spectrum The establishment of a leading international level; the establishment of the structural strength of the laboratory, as China's rail vehicle structure reliability research and evaluation of the main base.

Beijing Jiaotong University Professor Gao Liang led the team to create a "train - seamless line - ballastless track - the lower part of the basic space coupling analysis theory" to solve the high-speed railway large number of turnout seamless, long bridge and elevated station Sewing and other major scientific problems, the formation of China's independent intellectual property rights of the seamless circuit theory and technology system for China's high-speed rail line to provide scientific support.

Over the past five years, Beijing Jiaotong University in the field of transportation, commitment to all kinds of high-level major scientific research projects more than 100, in high-speed railway, urban rail transit, comprehensive transportation, intelligent transportation and other fields to carry out basic research and technological innovation.

As early as 2012, Beijing Jiaotong University to determine the middle of this century to build the school into a distinctive world-class university goals and the characteristics of transportation for the construction of first-class university "three-step" strategy.

Beijing Jiaotong University Party Secretary Cao Guoyong said that to achieve the "three-step" strategy, on the one hand, the school should continue to take the initiative to serve the national strategy, adhere to Lide tree people, for the country to cultivate first-class talent; the other hand, Advantages and characteristics, and continuously enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation, to contribute to the construction of national innovation system.

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