Mutual gold industry ushered in financial technology boom

Date:2017年4月25日 14:21

Since this year, the mutual gold industry is facing increasing supervision, and compliance and transformation of the industry is the most pressing issue. From the beginning of this year, financial technology has become a hot topic in the industry, which is one of the industry's recognized compliance direction. So, what is financial technology in the end?

The biggest application of financial technology in China

In this regard, music as financial CEO Wang Yongli recently in China Financial Technology 50 Forum set up the General Assembly, said the financial is the blood of modern economy and the core, but also risk, an important area of ​​strict supervision. This has also become the information technology of the Internet new technology, to achieve the greatest impact of the most important areas of change. Therefore, it was suggested that the concept of financial technology, intended to specify the direction, to guide new technologies, more for the financial sector for research and development and application, while promoting financial reform and innovation.

It must be pointed out that the core essence of financial technology is that finance will become a new technology research and development and application and its important areas, but really want to apply technology to the financial field, promote financial innovation and better development, the premise is to accurately grasp The essence of finance and the law of development, clear and adhere to the financial bottom line and basic rules. This requires close integration between financial professionals and technical experts.

Internet and other new technologies in the whole society's extensive application and development will also be favorable to promote the development of financial technology. We see that the core technology of the Internet is still in the hands of Americans, but the Internet is the biggest application in China.

Human society is entering the era of information technology Internet, financial is the most important areas of application of new technologies, China's Internet applications have great potential, financial technology will promote China's financial profound changes, and now is the development of financial technology and the best times , Is also full of challenges of the times.

Financial science and technology innovation is inseparable from supervision

Yang Dong, vice president of law school of Renmin University of China pointed out that supervision and law is the core of financial technology landing. China's legal inclusiveness and the inclusiveness of regulators are relatively high in the world. We know that the UK has a sandbox mechanism and a sandbox that creates a "safe place" in an experimental way, properly relaxing the regulatory constraints of innovative products and services that are involved in the experiment and inspiring innovation. In fact, China is the world's largest "sand box." Nearly two years of financial innovation facing the regulatory environment is relatively loose, to the Chinese financial technology catch up with the world, the road overtaking the historic opportunity.

Personal credit is an important infrastructure for financial markets. In the field of credit, there is a special need for financial technology, including large data, artificial intelligence and so on. Credit agencies are now like our national highways, high-speed rail, there are many areas did not achieve coverage. So I personally think that as far as possible so that the competent institutions, the first to get the license, the infrastructure paved up.

In the era of financial technology, financial regulation is in urgent need of theoretical reorganization and technological upgrading, the recent new trend is "Regtech", armed with technology to monitor, to deal with FinTech. Therefore, the future trend is technology-driven, digital-driven regulation, and by passive regulation into active regulatory, and even to real-time, dynamic new regulatory model, so that regulatory and market integration.

Mergers and reorganizations help each other

April 21, by the Jiaxing City Nanhu District Management Committee and Alibaba to help business listing office jointly launched the preparatory capital docking activities in the South Lake Fund town successfully held. A number of intentions mergers and acquisitions, the reorganization of the electricity business enterprises and mergers and acquisitions fund institutions and listed companies in the "town living room" launched a capital M & A exchange activities.

The meeting was held in China's macroeconomic perspective as a foothold. At present, China is in the accelerated period of economic transformation, the macroeconomic bottom, the excess capacity of traditional industries, the Internet financial industry, including the electricity market and the capital market has been rapid development, electricity business platform operators and service providers are increasingly demand for capital exuberant. How to get the capital of capital support is the focus of attention of electricians, mergers and acquisitions, listing, reorganization and other financial providers to become the first choice for financing, Alibaba to help businesses listed on the office is also set up by this.

So how to do industry mergers, integration? M & A funds and listed companies is undoubtedly the best capital docking platform. Mergers and acquisitions are the most important promoters of M & A activity in the United States, and the adequacy of external capital utilization and financial innovation are the biggest advantages of the five mergers and acquisitions in the history of the United States.

Nanhu Fund town as the main contractor of the meeting, has introduced more than 3,000 investment fund enterprises, the scale of funds over 500 billion yuan. South Lake Fund town also launched the "investment circle town" service to help enterprises settled in investment and financing docking, as of mid-2017 in mid-April, in the investment in a total of 733 various types of financing projects, online investment and financing members 1261 People, helping 33 companies to complete the 4.133 billion financing. According to incomplete statistics, as of now, the town has helped more than 100 enterprises in Zhejiang Province received more than 200 billion investment, more than 50 enterprises in Jiaxing City, over 10 billion investment, is the "hematopoietic" real economy most equity investment funds Town.

Whether it is large enough of Ali, or increasingly competitive courier industry, or regulatory tensions in the Internet financial industry, the future of mergers and acquisitions will be more frequent, a short-term social phenomenon. "New normal" under the enterprise transformation and upgrading key in the "new". In the future, Nanhu Fund Town will continue to carry out similar capital docking meeting, set up new ideas, financing capital, cooperation and innovation service platform, and further release the investment innovation vitality, boost the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises.

Huaxia letter money deposit is expected on the line

On April 19, Huaxia Xinchen formally signed a network loan deposit deposit agreement with Ping An Bank. The agreement stipulated that Huaxin Credit Card would use the "deposit housekeeper" products launched by Ping An Bank to carry out comprehensive and in-depth bank custody of the network lending business, The two-way storage system docking is expected to be launched in July this year.

In early March of this year, Ping An Bank issued the "Ping An Bank Internet loan financing custody business management approach", the net loan platform to adjust the 14 access standards, involving the platform background, business operations, platform staff and other Business information and the qualification certification. In the face of market risk and regulatory policy, Pingan Bank net loan custody work to promote a positive and prudent, and therefore its specifically for the network loan industry fund custody business launched the "deposit housekeeper" products of concern.

Huaxin Fuji President Li Bin said: "Huaxia credit is very pleased to be the first batch of funds and banks to achieve co-operation of the company.As we all know, Ping An Bank's huge investment in information technology, we and peace in the bank's cooperation process, We are committed to the development of Pratt & Whitney 's financial business in China. We are committed to the development of China' s Pratt & Whitney 's financial business. We are committed to the development of China' s Pratt & Whitney 's financial business.

It is reported that the CBRC in February this year issued a "network lending funds custody business guidelines", clear the network lending funds custody business should follow the basic rules and implementation standards to encourage the network loan institutions and commercial banks in accordance with the equality of voluntary, mutually beneficial Market-oriented principles of business.

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